Benighted and Bronze

Well, he did it! 😀 The Benighted took bronze in the 2017 Readers’ Favorite Book Awards for Young Adult-Action. He flexed his muscles, and these judges liked what they saw. 😉 With thousands of contestants spread out over a dozen countries, this international book competition is a hard one to place in. I know, because … More Benighted and Bronze

Bad Reviews And Why They Shouldn’t Be Taken Seriously

I’m putting this out there for any other indie author who has ever received a bad review. If you’ve received a bad review, my advice to you is to not take them seriously. In fact, don’t even bother reading them. People will tell you to take bad reviews with a grain of salt, and others will … More Bad Reviews And Why They Shouldn’t Be Taken Seriously

5 Horrible Truths Behind Indie Authors

October is here, which means everything horrific, ghoulish, and down right spooky have arrived. So what better way to celebrate the coming of Halloween than with the worst thing in the world: the terrible truth. Being an indie author is tough. You have the freedom to pretty much do anything and everything (within legal and moral limits) you want in … More 5 Horrible Truths Behind Indie Authors

Story Bomb

Everyone knows what a photo bomb is, but only devoted readers might know what a story bomb is. Story bombs are when authors put in names, titles, or even passages/quotes from other novels, usually ranging from classic literature to modern day bestsellers. Not only is it an ode to a fellow author; it proves that writers out there have … More Story Bomb