Wanna read my books? Well, DON’T

It’s not every day an author jumps in front of a bus to warn readers NOT to read her story. But hey, I’m different. 🙂

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The reason for this sudden outburst of anti-promoting is because my books are no longer going to be published by me. Dark Hour Press has picked up the torch in not only publishing my upcoming novel but also those I’ve already published. 🙂 The editions you’ve seen on Amazon will soon be considered old since Dark Hour is in the middle of revamping them. No changes to the story lines will occur; just the presentation of them (editing, layout, etc). But with publishing under a press comes new opportunities, and that means my books will no longer just be on Amazon; they’ll also be available on Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Apple’s iBookstore, and a few other places. 🙂

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So before you get all cute and cuddly with these stories, just know that the new editions will be published around late November of this year. If you’ve held out for this long on reading them, a little longer won’t hurt. But if you can’t wait, well…you’ve been warned.

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As for the writing part of my life, it still continues. 🙂 Once Illusory is done and out of my system, I’ll be going back to finish Under A Melting Sun before it too drives me to drink.

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Not that I threaten my characters, of course. That would be weird… 😉

More to come soon. 🙂 Stay reading, peeps! ❤

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