That’s right, I’ll be joining Patreon in the near future! The page is going to be dedicated to a decopunk web serial that will be published either weekly or biweekly (still working out the scheduling). Once the page is officially launched, I’ll post a link here. Until then, below is a little summary of the story. 🙂

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~ The Whiskey Folly ~

Late Steampunk meets early Dieselpunk in this alternate universe set in late 1920’s New York City. 

Victoria Leighanna Domaine hates two thing in life: liars and bad business.

Unfortunately, those are two things that her brother Matthew excels at.

On the night her fiancé walks out on her, Leigh walks in on her brother’s meeting with the ruthless but ever enduring mobsters from the Caprice family, whose interactions with her brother are a little more bloody than professional. Because, unbeknownst to everyone, the Domaine family’s booming publishing business has turned into one giant scam, and the bootlegging Matthew was supposed to be providing under its shadow has failed more times than the Caprices’ have patience for. If the next shipment of whiskey isn’t transported within the next three days, Matthew’s death won’t be the only thing hitting the newspapers.

Trying to keep the secret her brother started, Leigh, with the help of her cohort and family friend Neil, find themselves behind the wheel of a bootlegging operation they have no idea how to run. If they thought New York City’s high society was cut throat, they’re about to learn just how deadly the underground is.

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