Coming Soon, Coming, Soon, Announcement

House of Ruin, a Decopunk web serial, is currently in the works for my Patreon page. 🙂 While the finishing touches are underway, here is a little summary of what’s to come:

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~ House of Ruin ~

Late Steampunk meets early Dieselpunk in this alternate history set in late 1920’s New York City. 

Dormaine Publishing House may be booming, but underneath its ritzy exterior is a secret: the family business is a scam, and the bootlegging that’s keeping them afloat is starting to cost them money… and lives.

Faced with her family’s long-kept secret, Leigh, along with fellow employee Neil, find themselves behind the wheel of an illegal scheme neither one knows how to run. If they thought New York City’s high society was cut throat, they’re about to learn just how deadly the underground is.

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