Benighted and Bronze

Well, he did it! 😀 The Benighted took bronze in the 2017 Readers’ Favorite Book Awards for Young Adult-Action. He flexed his muscles, and these judges liked what they saw. 😉

2017 Readers Favorite Award Cert for Benighted

With thousands of contestants spread out over a dozen countries, this international book competition is a hard one to place in. I know, because this was my 3rd year entering and 1st year actually placing. *Victory scream* That’s why I’m extremely grateful to the readers and judges at Readers’ Favorite, as well as all the bookworms out there who have taken a chance on my book. I know moments like these don’t come easy, and with all the other books out there from talented authors, I’m very honored to be able to blog to you all about this recognition. ❤

Also, a huge congrats to all the winners, honorable mentions, and finalists! You deserve it! 😀 And to everyone who entered but didn’t win, don’t feel down about it. Just keep trying and keep entering. Like I said, it took me a few tries, so just keep your head up and keep going. Persistence pays off. 🙂 Plus, your year may be next year, so don’t give up!!

Keep reading, peeps! ❤

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