Spring Cleaning My Motivation

Pretty much how multitasking feels right now. 🙂

At this point, I was hoping to have exciting news to post. I had plans to have 2 out of 3 books completed for my new side trilogy, even a teaser or completion news about Benighted’s audiobook. I went into this year with a total “I got this!” mentality.

Instead, I got COVID. 😛

I know some of us joke about blaming COVID for things that go wrong, but I’m legit blaming COVID for this one. Omicron did go easy on me and acted more like a rough flu, but it was a flu that knocked out about half of January for me. By the time I regained my stamina, February was already in full swing and all the little deadlines I had set up to check off still remained.

However, because of the prep work I did beforehand (aka: story outlines and research, cause this panster has turned into a full-on plotter now), I’ve calculated that I’m only about a month behind, which isn’t terrible given my previous track record (*cough Illusory cough*). And that’s not to mention that Benighted’s 3rd book has been hounding me in the background, so I’ve been tinkering with it as well. And the audiobooks. And the hardcovers. There’s a lot going on over here.

So these next couple months are all about spring cleaning my motivation: changing up routines, throwing out bad and unhelpful habits, and continuing my practice of being consistent even on days I’d rather just stare at something on Youtube. If everything goes according to the *new* plan, I’ll be able to get these books – new, audio, and physical versions – out by this fall, if not sooner. We’ll see how this goes. 🙂

Also, some side good news: The Benighted received a Kirkus review! 😀 After reading their summary, I kinda need them to write all my book summaries from now on.

As always, stay safe and stay reading, peeps! ❤

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