New Book: All the Dark Souls


New book, new rules!

Now that this one has its own cover, I think its about time I officially introduce you all to the first book in my new trilogy. 😀

All the Dark Souls is a dark fantasy set in the same world as The Benighted, but involving a different kingdom with their own problems. This story is centered around Joss Brevyn, a female executioner in a small town, and Aric Kayden, an assassin whose failed attempt to kill his last victim left him beaten on the side of the road, which is where Joss inevitably finds him. When a mysterious prisoner claiming to be the lost prince is sentenced to death, both are sworn by duty to kill him. But one of them has a change of heart, sparking a chain reaction that could leave one – or both – of them dead.

Now, I know there’s going to be some flak because these books are coming out before Benighted’s next story, so let me quickly address this now. For those who’ve read Benighted and Illusory, you’ve seen how intricate the overall plot is. Compared to these two (especially for Illusory), Dark Souls was much easier to tame, which is why it hasn’t taken as long to complete (and it also helped I’ve been sticking more to a writing schedule and less time scrolling social media). I figured it would be better to have something out for readers to enjoy while I keep working on Benighted’s 3rd book than have nothing at all.

So with that said, sneak peeks and an official release date will be coming soon for this little monster. 🙂 Stay tuned!

And as always, stay safe and stay reading, peeps! ❤

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