A Writer’s Woe and Edgar Allan Bro

Last night one of my character’s decided to change personalities right in the middle of the story. I just sat there, fingers sitting on the keyboarding, thinking, “The hell just happened?” It’s not like this is a new story and things are still working themselves out. But apparently, the fictional being thought it had a say in the matter, and now I’m left having to re-work the entire story to fit this new persona. I wouldn’t go to great lengths to do this except that it does fit the story better, and actually adds what I thought was missing from the plot. 😛 I hate admitting that, but hey, it’s art. And with art comes great responsibility. 😉

Besides, sometimes changing personas isn’t all bad. Take, for example, Edgar Allan Bro:

See, this is why I love Edgar Allan Poe!

Not only was he a brilliant poet, but he’s got the best memes. 😀

For being 206 years old, he’s still a rockstar.

Yeah she did. 😉

So for any writers out there going through their own woes,

or just anyone who needs a little laughter in their life,

just keep in mind:

Enough said. 😉

4 thoughts on “A Writer’s Woe and Edgar Allan Bro

  1. Sweet Lord, that last one’s the best I’ve seen!!!

    Isn’t it just super annoying when those characters do whatever they darn well please? Whatcha gonna do, right? 😀

    1. I would never believe it when other writers told me their characters had a mind of their own . . . until it happened. I was already to kill this character off, but instead her boy friend got the axe and she became a central character, and like you, I’m sitting in from of the computer saying: “What the heck just happened?”

  2. It happened to me once too. But lukily, for me it wasn’t one of the MCs. I still had to adjust the story where he appeared 🙂

    And you know, you’re damned right. Peo rocks!

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