Rum Runner: A Novella

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And you all thought no one survived Speakeasy. 😀 For those who’ve read Speakeasy: A Novella, be prepared for its sequel that’s coming at you fast this Christmas season.

Rum Runner: A Novella takes place two years after the fateful night in the speakeasy, and is centered on Charlie Rant, a young law student who finds his brother in a hospital after being severally beaten while rum-running for the Caprice family. Charlie learns that while the Caprice family had killed off the Durante clan, someone survived and has resurrected the Durante name. Unfortunately, Charlie’s brother had one more shipment to transport, and both families will kill for it. Caught between an old feud, Charlie has to put aside his morals in order to be a rum runner for one night so that he can save his brother and, inevitably, himself.

Because it’s Speakeasy’s sequel, this little novella has its own fair share of twists and turns. With old faces showing up and a trail of dead bodies all over again, Rum Runner takes the suspense, drama, and thrill that Speakeasy had and brings it to a whole new level.

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Want a piece of the action? It’ll be available for pre-order on Amazon starting November 28. 🙂

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