NEW LOOK: The Benighted’s Cover Gets Revamped

Courtesy of Conzpiracy Digital Arts


After hearing different opinions and an internal struggle with my own feelings, The Benighted was finally handed over to a professional cover artist.  All I have to say is that I am still speechless by the end result. 🙂 The Kindle cover will be replaced within the next couple days, while the paperback should be sporting the new look in the next couple weeks. If you like the simplicity of the old cover, then you have some time to snag a copy here before it’s completely revamped for good. (For readers living in the Sacramento, California area, head over to Dimple Records in Arden, Citrus Heights, or Folsom.) If you’re a book collector like I am, then you’ll might want a copy of the original artwork. It’ll be the last time my name will be listed as the cover artist.


Kindle version

benighted for kindle

Paperback Version

For those who have already bought a copy of The Benighted, I will never be able to thank you enough. :) Hope you enjoyed the read. <3

7 thoughts on “NEW LOOK: The Benighted’s Cover Gets Revamped

  1. Now that’s one hot looking tortured soul of a Benighted solider on there!! ;D
    Wonderful! (Though the classic was pretty sweet too, not gonna lie.)

    1. Thank you so much for reading The Benighted, Marion! 😀 I’ve actually been working on its sequel a little bit lately. I hit a wall earlier and had to take a step back in order to regroup (which is why I’m working on a different novel in order to keep the creative juices going). I’m going to be diving back into the sequel once this other book is done. I’ll definitely keep you all updated on it. 😉

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