Release Date: All the Dark Souls

We have an official release date! 😀

All the Dark Souls is being released on 11/01/2022 and is available for pre-order on Amazon! Other book retailers should be following shortly. And just so everyone knows, this book is being priced at $4.99 but the pre-order price is set for $2.99. 🙂

In other writing news, this sequel is in full swing and I’ve been making changes and add-ons to both the 3rd and 4th book in Benighted’s saga. While the storylines for Dark Souls’ trilogy and Benighted’s saga don’t intermingle, they are set in the same world, so those who’ve read the saga’s storyline (especially The Illusory) will notice some familiar things throughout the trilogy. 😉

As always, stay strong and stay reading, peeps! ❤

2 thoughts on “Release Date: All the Dark Souls

  1. I was just wondering as I’m an old fashioned style reader who doesn’t have a Kindle, will you ever find a publisher to print them in book format for you? I’d love to read them but without a kindle I cannot…

    1. Hi Laura! I have, and I’ll be announcing within the next month when the pre-orders for the hardcovers will be available. 😀 My other books are also being turned into hardcovers, so I’ll be announcing them soon too. Thank you so much for reaching out and for your interest in my books! Hope you’re having a great day! 🙂

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