Editing and Chill

Throwing White Girl GIF by Trey Kennedy - Find & Share on GIPHY
©Trey Kennedy

Just throwing an Illusory update here for the curious few. 🙂

I’m finishing up the last of Illusory’s revisions, which included rewriting a couple massive scenes, coming to terms with the fact that every room in the castle cannot have a window in it (no matter how atmospherically cool it would be), and finding that every other paragraph contained the words “pain” or “debris” in it….which oddly sums up the entire story.

All that’s left is smoothing things over, like double checking spelling and grammar (again) and shortening sentences a bit, and once that’s done this little catastrophe will be passed on to my editors (depending on their schedules, of course). Since 2020 has not been a kind year, I’m holding off on announcing any solid release date at the moment, just because we have 3 months left and it seems at this point anything could happen. 😛 But the bright side? All the heartache and disappointments have been great fuel for these revisions, including these wildfires that I selfishly used as scene inspirations while being stuck inside. Smokey air, blazing skylines, ash covering everything – it was really just asking to go in this book. 😛

Anyway, I better head back to the tinkering. As always, stay safe and stay reading, peeps! 🙂 Aaaaand happy Fall, y’all! ❤

White Girl Fall GIF by Trey Kennedy - Find & Share on GIPHY
©Trey Kennedy

(Psst! These gifs belong to Trey Kennedy and his amazing extraness, so go show that man some love on his social media pages!! 😀 )

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