#AtoZChallenge: The Missing Posts of H, I, J, and K

A to Z Challenge - Things That Make You Go Huh

The Inspirations, Ugly Truths, and Things That Make You Go “Huh?” for Under A Melting Sun

Well, this last week of the #AtoZChallenge went down in a blaze of failure lol! 😛 I knew it was only a matter of time that I would get behind, though I am pretty proud of how far I made it. To be honest, I really thought I’d fall off the bandwagon after the C post. But hey, you’re only a true failure if you stop trying. So here’s my first of many attempts to play “catch up.” 🙂

H is for HUMOR

Because in this world, you’re going to need it. And in Under A Melting Sun, it wasn’t only a filler to keep the story interesting; it lightened a rather tragic plot.  And yes, I really do hope you act like Will Smith below after you finish reading the book.

Why it may deter you: It’s all fun and games until you start the feels. Though its great to laugh, it can also feel good to cry once in awhile. Especially on top of Uncle Phil. 😛

Why it may not deter you:  If you like humor and drama and things that make you feel outside of your own world, then you’ll probably want to try this story out. 🙂


Did you know: The jungle has so many species of animals and plants in it that not all of them have been discovered. Some are still being found, which is both fascinating and terrifying. Its fascinating that a rich biodiversity could exist, and it’s terrifying that we’re losing a piece of it daily. There are animals and plants that have probably gone extinct already and we don’t even know it. Some of it could have hold medicinal value. It could have been a cure. (I always think of Sean Connery’s 1992 movie Medicine Man when it comes to cures being found in the Amazon.)

Because of this, there are a few things in the story that I took liberties with, mainly involving plants and a few creatures. I wanted to add a sense of wonder, a sense of “what if?” to the story, so I added my own twists in some scenes in order to add just that. 🙂

Medicine Man with Sir Sean Connery and Lorraine Bracco.

Why it may deter you: There are some plants and animals in the story that are real, and there are some that aren’t. If I did my job right as a writer, the line between the two will be blurred, which may bother some readers if they don’t like not knowing which species really do exist and which ones only exist in our mind.

Why it may not deter you:  Again, if I did my job right, you won’t know the difference which could make the book even more fascinating. 😉


You’ve heard of book smart and street smart, but how about jungle smart? I looked it up, and it means absolutely nothing because the phrase doesn’t exist except as some board game. But if it did exist and was used as casually as the other two phrases, here are five examples for what it would mean:

Jungle Smart #1. Don’t ever go into the jungle alone. You know how girls don’t like going to the bathroom alone? Well, this is the same reason. Two is better than one, especially if you get lost or attacked. Just beware of any mutiny and uprisings within your camp. People who go crazy together die together.

Jungle Smart #2. If you do get separated from your group and are by yourself, the best way to find your party is by sound. Don’t worry, the jungle has already been preying on you since you arrived, and since everything looks the same, sound is your best friend. Could it also invite trouble? Of course! You’re in the fucking jungle! You should have been one with your Creator before you started your journey!

Jungle Smart #3. Although the jungle is rich in plant and animal life, there’s been multiple accounts of starvation because people couldn’t find anything to eat. Before you start trudging through the wilderness (no matter where it is), prepare yourself. Learn about the land. Broaden your knowledge of the environment. Read a book!

Jungle Smart #4. If you get a cut and it gets infected, your fucked. There are medications now that will take care of a lot of the infections and diseases that come from the jungle’s Kill The Intruder program, but let’s be honest: there are some things that can’t be cured. So try to be as careful as you possibly can.

Jungle Smart #5. Jaguars, anacondas, peccaries, caimans. These beasts aren’t your main problem. Your main problem will be the mosquitoes, and the other countless bugs that will try to annoy and eat you. Get your swatting arm ready.

Now, don’t let this deter you from ever visiting the rain forest. It’s beautiful down there and very educational. So I hear. But be smart. Take the advice from the natives, learn from people who’ve survived down there. Become jungle smart, and you might just walk away with everything still intact. 🙂

George of the Jungle knows. 😉

Why it may deter you: If the above made you nervous, then reading a book about it may make you squirm. Although the story is more for entertainment than research, I’ve tried to not sugar coat what the jungle hides in its green labyrinth of vines and beasts.

Why it may not deter you:  If you like a little danger with your historically adventurous romance, you’ve come to the right place. 😉


Is it just me, or does this bird’s name sound a lot like “Kill Bill” being pronounced by Achmed the Dead Terrorist? I KEEL BILLED! I’ve been writing background scenes with this bird and I just noticed that. 😛 I’m only mentioning the Toucan because (1) I needed something to go with K, and (2) the rain forest doesn’t seem complete without a Toucan perched in the canopy or flying overhead. There’s just something about the Toucan that brings the jungle out of the story.

Photo by Jeff Wendorff

Why it may deter you: If you wanted a heavy scene involving this bird, my sincere apologies. You might just want to start washing your sorrows away with some Fruit Loops now.

Why it may not deter you:  Because its a Toucan, and who could really hate a Toucan?!

4 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: The Missing Posts of H, I, J, and K

  1. Hey Ashly, I think you’re absolutly right at trying to catch up.
    I have to write tomorrow’s post, then I have two posts already uploaded, then I have to write all the rest. This challange IS definitely a challange.
    But it’s fun, don’t you think? 😉

    I like your Jungle Smart entry 🙂

    1. You are so on top of this challenge that I’m jealous lol! 😀 I’m hoping to catch up this week by posting 2 posts a day, but we’ll see how I’ll do. I might have to combine some more lol! And so glad you liked the jungle smart entry. 😉

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