Mara and the Bitter Suite

I know my posts are mainly about writing, but I just had to share this experience…

This last Tuesday, I had the absolute honor of watching history in the making. A brand new folk rock band just released their first album, Unspoken, and Tuesday was the start of their CD release tour. They were phenomenal! I’m not saying this to be partial, nor am I saying it because I was able to meet the talented lead singer (who is an absolute sweetheart, by the way), but this new band is fantastic. You can just tell by the way Mara sings that she’s in love with the music, and the musicians’ talents float along with her so easily that you can’t imagine one without the other. The melodies are unique, inspiring, and unthinkably moving. Even if you aren’t into folk rock, give this band a chance. They just might surprise. 😉

Rock on, Mara and the Bitter Suite! \m/


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