The Love/Hate Challenge: Being a Writer

Keep calm is right. 😀 I was challenged by the lovely Sarah from The Old Shelter to take the Love/Hate Challenge, so here are my 10 loves and hates of being a writer. 😉

__________________THE LOVE / HATE CHALLENGE___________________

LOVE: To be honest, when people ask what I do, I like to say that I’m a writer. Especially when their faces fall into shock when I say that my books are on Amazon. Apparently I don’t bring my published face out in public too often. 😛

HATE:  When after I say I’m a writer, that one person says, “Oh I don’t read.”

LOVE:  Let’s be honest: as a writer, death is something that can’t always be avoided. Often its necessary. It can add depth and drama to a story, and sometimes you just gotta take one for the team and put the little sucker out of its misery.

HATE:  When you start to feel for that character but you gotta keep your feelings in check because no one understands that shit when you display it in public.

“Aaaaaaahhh! I need a moment……..I’m an adult…..”

LOVE:  When you have writer friends and you can talk about writing openly and freely without being judged.

HATE:  When one of them busts out with “Oh, I’m taking a break from writing.”

“You can do that??”

LOVE:  Having people read and edit my story. Sometimes other people have to keep you in check and remind you of what you were doing when you decided to go off on that tangent with the secondary character. Sometimes they give good advice that leads you to new ideas.

HATE:  Sometimes they miss the point by a mile.

Dafuq did I read?

LOVE:  When people say they read my book, or that they just support in general. Even though its good to always be your own cheerleader, having that extra support team is truly appreciative.

HATE:  Until one of them calls it a “hobby” and “you have a real job, right?”

“I’ll be over here with my feelings.”

LOVE: Meeting new writers.

HATE: When one of them says “I’m a writer, but I just don’t have time cause I’m too busy.”


LOVE:  Being able to research online. Although libraries, museums, and other places of interest are always helpful, nothing can really beat the luxury of the world wide web.

HATE: “You research online? Be careful of copyright laws. Do you have an attorney available?”

LOVE:  Reading reviews, and not just for my book. There are some brilliant writers out there, and its awesome to see readers following them in pursuit.

HATE:  When people drink the Haterade and post bad reviews with no real explanation.

LOVE:  Although its more of a love-hate relationship, I’m really glad that I chose Psychology as my major. Its probably the only thing I’ve been able to successfully apply to my stories, as subtly as possible. 😉

HATE:  “Oh you’re a writer? So you must have a Bachelors in English then.”

LOVE:  Hearing how other people find their inspirations to write. Some people out there get the best ideas in some crazy ways. 🙂

HATE: “I’m thinking about writing about my life, but I just don’t have the time…”


End of challenge. 😉

10 thoughts on “The Love/Hate Challenge: Being a Writer

    1. Haha thank you so much, Aunt Tara!! 😀 I was having fun too and hated having to come up with only 10. I had a couple more Will Smith gifs to put up. I guess another blog post is in order. 😉

  1. What do you mean people who edit your stuff don’t get the point? 😀
    And um, having that Bachelor’s in English doesn’t mean a damn thing…believe me.

    1. Oh it means a lot. 😀 And to be honest, you are one of the handful of people I trust completely with my stories. In fact, there are times you’re opinion and input totally made things better. 😉

  2. Thanks for the inspiration. You always see to get me back on track. Hate? when I tell people I’m writing a book, and the flippantly say, “I’ve been thinking about writing a book someday,” sort of in the same tone of voice they would use to say: “I’m thinking about taking out the garbage tomorrow,” or as though it’s something you just sit down and do in a few hours. BTW, I DO have a Bachelor’s degree in English, and a Masters +30. Ha Ha. Those and five bucks will get me a coffee at Starbucks, as long as I settle for a grande.

  3. I love to edit, be a supportive reader, and oh, BTW, I actually AM an intellectual property attorney. So you can tell people you already know all about that copyright stuff when you’re researching online.

    A fan

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