#AtoZChallenge: M is for Mother of God

A to Z Challenge - Ugly Truth

The Inspirations, Ugly Truths, and Things That Make You Go “Huh?” for Under A Melting Sun


Paul Rosolie is crazy. Not only did he try to get eaten by a giant Anaconda ON PURPOSE, which was documented on Discovery Channel’s Eaten Alive, but he also went out into the jungle by himself which he writes about in his book Mother of God. In my own personal opinion, Paul is a wildcard whose love for the Amazon outweighs any fear a normal person would have. And its that reason that makes his book so absolutely thrilling.

I’m still in the middle of reading Mother of God, but I can already tell you its a fantastic read. The way he describes his scenes and tells his story, how he introduces the people he met and the places he’s seen, is so ridiculously infectious that you literally just want to crawl into the book and go with him on his next adventure. Believe me, I almost damn near tried.

There’s only one thing about the book that has unnerved me. If you’ve read my posts, you know that although I’m writing a novel based in the Amazon, the prospects of me visiting are grim. I am my own worst enemy, and my imagination is so in top gear that I would be a nervous wreck the whole time. Its just who I am. I’ve come to terms with it. I know too much about the jungle to know that I know too little, and that alone just makes me hesitate. However, after reading the first couple chapters of Paul’s book, I realized that deep down I really, truly, madly, deeply want to go. 😦

Paul talks about how the jungle was always on his mind and how excited he was to get there, and just the way he describes not only his life before but his life during and after makes it all so amazing. I am in awe of what Paul and his colleagues have been able to do, and I don’t know if its the way he writes or just how incredible his journeys are, but it actually makes me want to experience the Amazon in person. This is the first time I’ve actually felt a little jealous of not being there in the action, of someone else experiencing the jungle’s majesty while I’m stranded in the normal every day life of adulthood. So be warned: if you read his book, you may end up feeling the exact same way, to which we can both cry over a pint of Ben & Jerry’s together while flipping through Netflix.

Want to check it out? Click here.

Why it may deter you:  Although I’m reading Paul’s book to gain another person’s perception of the jungle, his story is a modern take of both learning and survival while my story is historical fiction. There are a few things I’ve learned about the jungle that Paul also hints on that are relevant in both eras, but otherwise, if you’re looking for fan fiction on my end, sadly that’s not what Under A Melting Sun will be about. 🙂

Why it may not deter you:  Paul creates vivid scenes that are not only visually stunning but also educational. What he brings to the table is what I hope I can just fit through the door: beauty, mystery, and a wonderment that can only be described as being in Amazonia.

4 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: M is for Mother of God

  1. Well, you never know. One day, you might go. I met a girl, once, whose greater dream was to study gorillas in the jungle. You would say that was unlikely to happen, right?
    Well, she finally went in the jungle to study gorillas and she LOVED it 🙂

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