Got Dick Grayson?

dick grayson

I’m going to step off my writer’s soapbox for a minute and jump onto a topic that, thanks to Comic Con 2013, proves I am very passionate about. That topic is:

Dick Grayson.

The original Robin, boy wonder. The leader of the Teen Titans. The very sexy Nightwing (which they finally brought back in the new 52, thank you!), and was ultimately Batman in between Bruce Wayne’s absence/death/hiatus. This amazing character is not only a classic (or the whore of the DC comic universe given his relationship status), but he’s Dick Grayson! He’s sexy, charming, rebellious, honorable, witty, kick ass. Do I need to say more, because I’m obviously starting to sound like a creepy fan. I know creeper love is deeper love, but a line needs to be drawn…metaphorically.

I truly believe that Dick Grayson fans should unite and proclaim that Dick Grayson gets his shinning moment on the big screen. Yes, he finally got his graphic novel back, but come on! Let us fans rejoice in the glory that is Dick Grayson! You’ve teased us enough in the Arrow series as it is!!

And with that said, I’m trotting off back to my Teen Titans Go! which was also brought back from the dead. If they can bring back a cartoon series with the original voice actors, they should be able to squeeze out a movie. DC Film industry, take note.

Also take note that he and Starfire should get back together. Just saying.

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