Have a Coke, a Smile, and an Addictive Camel

“All good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

So that excruciating feeling of suffocation and feeling like I’m going to go absolutely insane is just me being creatively brilliant…

Nice. 🙂

Now that I think about it, that’s actually very well put. Damn, F. Scott, we would have been such besties in another life! The words, the meanings, the sense of expression…I would have been your greatest jealous best friend (all successful people have them, so might as well fill an important role). Too bad you lived in the Roaring ‘20s with the flappers and the jazz and the speakeasies and the men in suits…hell, too bad I live in the present. So the homemade cocktails were lethal and the mob ran a little wild. Coca cola had cocaine in it! The slogan isn’t “Have a coke and a smile” for nothing.

Exhibit A. 🙂

And since we’re looking at old vintage ads, this one made me laugh out loud:

Yeah, I bet they did.

Last but not least, the ad that will make my feminist/equal opportunist friends cringe (which is the only reason why I’m posting it muahaha):

Looks very innocent: dad smoking his pipe with his feet up, the two kids eagerly watching tv (the little girl sitting lower than the rest of them), while mother is…serving drinks. Yeah. Happiness. Right.

At least she’s serving cokes. 🙂

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