Story Bomb

Everyone knows what a photo bomb is, but only devoted readers might know what a story bomb is. Story bombs are when authors put in names, titles, or even passages/quotes from other novels, usually ranging from classic literature to modern day bestsellers. Not only is it an ode to a fellow author; it proves that writers out there have … More Story Bomb

#AtoZChallenge: The Missing Posts of N through Z

The Inspirations, Ugly Truths, and Things That Make You Go “Huh?” for Under A Melting Sun So I became ridiculously behind on this. 😛 Since today is the last day, let’s slam through these last letters as quickly, painlessly, and (hopefully) entertainingly as possible. 😉 N is for NOCTURNAL I am a nocturnal mammal by nature. My best, most enlightening … More #AtoZChallenge: The Missing Posts of N through Z